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We offer various formal and aesthetic resources to enhance the image of your brand and take it to another level.

We take care of materializing all the necessary elements that are required for each scene. From funds, objects, accessories, art, props, adapting them to the previously agreed style and aesthetics. We constantly seek to innovate with new technologies, equipment, etc.


We have our own fully equipped professional studio, and we also offer the possibility of carrying out production on location or, carrying it out at the brand's premises or warehouse, seeking to optimize production performance. 


Our goal is to make products reach their maximum visual potential.  We believe that the best way to show a product is when it is in action. We choose different video and photo formats that can be used to meet the objective of publicizing the qualities and functionalities of the product. Stopmotions, IGTV, Reels and product photos. 

In all proposals we like to add Stopmotions, if there is a product that has the potential to do so, because we are convinced that it adds dynamism, makes it more entertaining and attractive.


We begin by getting to know each other, analyzing the brand's mood together, and designing the aesthetics that we want to give to the production.  We work comprehensively, also doing the styling, offering a totally turnkey service . They only have to provide us with their products and we take care of the rest. Our goal is that they can leave their mark in our hands.

In a second instance we send you this proposal with references and detailing the different options that we select for you.


From BÜRO we believe it is important to accompany our clients in the process with constant advice.

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